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Our passion for sustainable waste management, combined with our desire to exceed he expectations of our clients, puts us at the forefront of innovative waste management.


We are an extremely dedicated team with over 50 years of waste management experience and knowledge.


Our aim is simple, that is to set the industry benchmark in terms of environmental compliance. Our understanding of Environmental legislation ensures that our clients can focus on production in the knowledge that their wastes are being managed responsibly.

Formed in 2010, we are now turning over £7million and last year purchased and developed our own 2 acre, 75,000t Waste Transfer Station based at Altham Lancs.  Operating under a Bespoke Permit we are one of very few companies that can import By-Pass Dusts produced from the Cement Industry coded as 10 13 12* and 19 02 04*.

We are now handling over 350,000t of a wide range of industrial wastes from Scotland to Cornwall (100% of which is recovered or recycled).  Working alongside our partners in Silloth Cumbria, we are operating the first UK In-Vessel Composting Facility to process Organic Fines arising from Mechanical & Biological Treatment plants coded at 19 12 12.


Our client base is extensive and includes:  United Utilities, Morrisons Plc, First Milk, 2 Sisters Food Group, Dunbia, Dumfries & Galloway Council, Roydon Recycling (various Nestle Sites).


All loads collected by SWM are electronically recorded.  Our system links to our in-house database and allows drivers to scan in tags or bar codes located at each waste producers site.  Our electronic system produces fully compliant Waste Transfer Notes.  Importantly, we can also monitor waste collection in ‘real time’ providing daily, weekly and monthly reports.

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